Mould has proven to cause numerous long-term hazardous health effects, Cambridge Materials Testing are Mould inspection specialists. Beginning with an indoor air quality assessment followed by a mould inspection will reveal hidden sources of pollutants in your indoor environment including water damage. A certified mould inspector carrying out an investigation is the most effective method of gathering data and physical evidence, (specimens) required for laboratory analysis. Testing will determine whether or not there is a mould growth problem. Mould assessments should begin with a comprehensive instrument survey of air quality that will help identify visual contamination and locate hidden pollution indoors. This will assist in determining appropriate follow up laboratory analysis. A qualified mould technician should be contracted to perform the work.

Mould Inspections, investigations are strongly recommended as soon as possible after initial detection. CMTL's inspectors will visit your premises, professionally answer any questions and offer advice about any concerns during the process. CMTL's professionally trained technicians will locate, identify and offer solutions toward remediation of all types of mould issues.

If a property has been impacted by mould, CMTL provides the following services:

  • Mould detection
  • Mould inspection
  • Mould analysis
  • Water damage assessments
  • Hygiene services
  • Insurance claim investigation
  • Indoor air testing
  • Testing to Health Canada standards

Do it yourself mould test kits

CMTL will send upon request, a mould test kit, a specimen collection package with detailed instruction, collection tools, storage vessels and a prepaid return specimen envelope. When CMTL receives your specimens, the analysis will be completed and you will be issued a detailed test report.

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Marijuana Grow Operations

The Law Enforcement and Forfeited Property Management Statute Law Amendment Act, 2005, formerly Bill 128, was designed to help combat the threat to community safety posed by illegal marijuana grow operations ( MGO's).

  • The Municipal Act, 2001also requires that a local municipality ensure a building is inspected if notified by police or other authorities that a building housed a marijuana grow operation.
  • Marijuana grow – op bylaws differ throughout municipalities in Ontario.

Activities associated with Marijuana Grow Operations (MGO's) produce favorable conditions for mould growth and fungal amplification. The use of pesticides and fertilizers may also result in unsafe conditions. In order to protect unsuspecting homebuyers, investors as well as the public at large from these properties, CMTL has trained field and technical staff to help identify these hazards. Several municipalities have introduced "Grow-Op Bylaws" requiring that an Environmental Assessment be conducted to ensure a property is safe for occupancy when this activity has been discovered. If a property has been impacted by illegal activities, CMTL provides the following services:

  • Detailed initial inspection before/after any corrective action is completed, to ensure ESA compliance.
  • Property assessment identification and quantification of fungal (mould) contamination
  • Site monitoring to ensure compliance and adherence to applicable guidelines and regulations
  • Clearance air sampling to ensure all contamination has been removed